Providing educators with the tools to harness the power of technology and social media in the classroom.

Technology and social media have fundamentally transformed the learning experiences of the 21st century student.  The advent of the Internet has led to smartphones, social media, email and texting as the go-to mediums for interpersonal and organizational communication.  And while digital citizenship and best practices are still being refined – and even defined – these tools are now essential to modern education and community building within schools.

For educators, this has created a distinctive challenge.  How do school leaders, administrators and teachers keep up with the breakneck pace of technology’s evolution?  How do they embrace new technology and teach students about how to use it for instructional benefit when students themselves are digital natives?  How do they harness the power of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to drive greater engagement within their school communities?

These are the questions that E2 Today helps to answer.  This is what E2 Today helps to teach.

Drawing on vast experience within the Catholic, faith-based and independent education space and recognizing the often-constrained resources of elementary and secondary schools as well as dioceses, E2 Today offers schools a starting point to organize online communication and social media efforts.  It provides guidance in how to teach digital citizenship within the classroom. And it curates tiered options for administrators to implement as they work to better engage their school communities even as they may be wondering where to begin.

E2 Today is a path forward.  Let’s walk together.

Nancy is a tremendous individual in the area of technology integration in education. During her time in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, she pushed the thinking of the administrators and teachers while providing tremendous professional development. It was because of Nancy that I became so entrenched in the study of technology integration within the classroom environment.

Bill Brannick, Director of Technology, PreK-12, for the Office of Catholic Education in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia

Nancy Caramanico is an outstanding communicator. She is always on the cutting edge of best practices in social media and understands the needs of Catholic leaders.   During the World Meeting of Families, Nancy built and executed a stellar social media strategy and led an international team of social media contributors. She is a true collaborator, strong communicator, and calming presence in the sometimes confusing and constantly changing world of digital media.

Donna Farrell, Executive Director, World Meeting of Families, Vice President Corporate Communications, Independence Blue Cross

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