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Technology Weekend – Archdiocese of Philadelphia – 21st Century Teaching

Welcome to the page for the Technology Staff Development weekend for the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, being held at Avalon, New Jersey from February 8-10, 2008.
We have teachers from many of our 203 Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese joining us. We will learn about many new and exciting ways to use technology for teaching and learning. We are energized about the enthusiastic response to the conference. We hope that this conference will give teachers new ideas and skills with which to implement innovative and effective learning in their classrooms through the use of technology. Our hope is that teachers will share what they have learned and act as leaders in technology at their schools either through mentoring or support of staff development.
We have a wonderful lineup of presenters which includes both excellent national presenters such as Karl Fisch, Anne Smith and Matt Monjan along with some fantastic presenters from our own schools.

  • Sr. Margaret Rose Adams
  • Joe Konecki
  • Melissa Dow
  • Peggy McGraw, Fran Gillen
  • Terry Heinz
Karl Fisch and Anne Smith join us from Arapahoe High School in Littleton School District in Colorado. Karl is the Tech Coordinator and Anne an English/Language Arts teacher. View the Technology Weekend page they have put together for this conference.
Matt Monjan is from Discovery Education(Discovery/United Streaming) where Matt is a member of the Discovery Educator Speaker Series. View Matt’s Discovery Educator Network Page.

Other presentation materials are linked at the bottom of this page.

What inspirational ideas have you taken from the conference? What do you hope to implement into your teaching practice?

Conference Sessions:

Staff Development and Visioning for Technology in Schools

21st Century Schools – What They Look Like and How to Get There

Our presenters will explore a vision for what schools can look like in the 21st Century. They’ll share their belief that building level staff development is crucial in this process through sharing their own successes and challenges. Come prepared to ask good questions and participate in a lively discussion.
Karl Fisch / Anne Smith
Learning has ‘Gone Digital’ with United Streaming
(Dining Room)
See how to use Discovery Streaming (United Streaming) to apply instructional strategies and support differentiation in your classrooms. See examples of classroom projects and special uses for digital media. View free demo Discovery Education Science Code: den-elem
Matt Monjan, Discovery Education Speaker Series
50 Ways to Use United Streaming
(Dining Room)

Matt will share some of the newer and advanced uses of digital video for enhancing teaching and learning. Also, learn how the Discovery Education (United Streaming) online tips and tutorial training tools can be used to inspire your faculty to incorporate the use of digital tools into instructional practice.

Matt Monjan, Discovery Education Speaker Series

Web 2.0
These free and easy tools will allow you to tear down the walls of the classroom and open it up to the global community (if you want) allowing students to be content creators and consumers. Learn how these tools will students take pride in their work as they share their questions, projects, and thoughts with the greater community.
Joe Konecki – Cardinal O’Hara V

View Joe’s Site

Travel the World with Google Earth

This session explores Google Earth as an educational tool. Learn how your students can use this amazing tool to create guided tours that enhance your curriculum. We will discuss navigating Google Earth and strategies for its introduction and project creation. Student materials and grading rubrics will be shared. (Presentation, Handout1, Handout 2)

Melissa Dow, Villa Maria, Lower School
Afternoon Session
Constructivist Teaching in the 21st Century Classroom

Karl and Anne will share the efforts they’ve made to transform their classrooms into more student-centered, technology-rich classrooms. They’ll show classroom examples as well as the technology tools utilized. Come prepared to ask questions and brainstorm ideas for your school and classroom.

Karl Fisch and Anne Smith
Sunday February 10th
Technology: Enhancing the Curriculum in our Catholic Schools that Light the Way

Used correctly, technology may be the tool that inspires and enhances our curriculum, our student lessons, and our parent presentations. Techniques will be shared that may be readily used in all areas of your school.

Sister Margaret Rose Adams, IHM – Ss. Simon and Jude

Enhancing Student Projects

Using Photoshop and Podcasting with PowerPoint

View a sample project which incorporates many technology tools and view tools demonstrations: View a demonstration of how students created a journal of a Civil War nurse or soldier in PowerPoint, a podcast in Audacity to replicate sounds of a battlefield, and used Adobe Photoshop along with a digital picture to create a Civil War soldier or nurse. Presentation, Activity Handouts, Activity Handouts

Peggy McGraw and Fran Gillen – Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Palm Handhelds in the Classroom

Hear how one school is using palm pilots in the curriculum. See examples of curricular applications and hear about successful student projects. Palms are the perfect way to create a student-centered classroom. This presentation will focus on classroom management, how to use the features of a Palm with the lessons you already teach, new project ideas and a sample hands on activity.

Terry Heinz – Immaculate Conception

Technology in Our Schools
Mary Rochford, Assistant Superintendent for Elementary Educational Services

Nancy Caramanico, Director of Technology, K-12

Special thanks to Maureen Colleluori for sharing Internet Safety materials.

Presentation Materials

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