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A Whole New Monday

Isn’t Staff Development by definition expected to result in change and growth for us as teachers? Is positive change the result of every staff development session you have ever attended? Quality technology staff development should bring with it positive change.
At this weekend’s educational technology conference we are seeing amazing and innovative examples of how to implement teaching with technology for the 21st Century classroom. Given the inspirational talks and innovative examples from Karl Fisch, Anne Smith, of Arapahoe High School and Matt Monjan from Discovery Learning, Melissa’s Google Earth, Joe’s Web 2.0, Terry’s Palm Pilots, and Peggy and Fran’s Photoshop and Podcasting, we are ready to take the next steps to enhance the use of technology in our classrooms. Pondering ‘Shift Happens’, has to make you think. Karl talked about the ‘yeah buts’, which is the inclination many teachers have to say , “yes, that may sound like a good idea but that won’t work in my classroom.” When Anne got her first laptop, Karl challenged her to ‘change the world’. Hearing about the many projects such as the live blogging with Daniel Pink who wrote ‘A Whole New Mind’ really made us think about new possibilities. With these and the many creative examples shown, your world can’t help but be changed. Karl and Anne challenged us to take away one thing that we want to implement. I don’t know about you but when I listened to all of our presenters, I found many reasons to be open to innovative practices in our schools. I am inpired by the many ideas that are coming from our own teachers today as they reflect on our sessions and think about new ways to teach for the 21st Century. ‘A whole new Monday’ may be in store for your classroom. (All conference materials and podcasts are contained on this blog for future reference and for anyone who is viewing them online for the first time).

Please comment on the following:

What inspirational ideas have you taken from the conference? What do you hope to implement into your teaching practice? What one thing will be the ‘something new’ your classroom on Monday?

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8 thoughts on “A Whole New Monday”

  1. Nancy, this weekend has been great. I cannot wait to have my students blog about topics such as stem cell research, just war, etc. This semester certainly has exciting potential. Thanks for the opportunity. Cathy Dooley

  2. Nancy,
    Cant’t wait to implement some of what I learned this weekend, expecially Google Earth. Thanks for everything.Emily Mullen

  3. Thank you for a wonderful weekend.
    I started a Wiki for my eighth grade students to add to as coauthors where they can add comments about the pop artists they are working on. I also have a blog which I have linked to this site which I am going to have all the teachers look at.
    I am also interested in writing a grant for some palm pilots. Maybe you could help me with this.
    Basically, I want to do it all !!!
    Pat McGuire

  4. Nancy,
    Thanks for a great weekend. It’s been a few years since I was at the Tech weekend but it really gave me many websites and ideas to implement at St Ephrem School in my technology class. I can’t wait to start blogging and use podcasting with my students.I wish I had my microphone at home to try it tonight. I guess I will need to wait until MONDAY… I have already used Google Earth and United streaming but there are many new ideas on their websites too.
    Thanks Jeanne Brousseau

  5. Nancy, what a motiviating weekend! Thank you so much for providing us with the opportunity to listen to such inspirational teachers who are all using technology to guide their students in very exciting and meaningful ways. I simply cannot turn my mind off with all the new ideas I now have for helping my students to create their own learning tasks. Tomorrow I can’t wait to share some of the sites discovered this weekend with our faculty at our ILA curriculum meeting, and have also set up a blog so that we can continue to dialogue afterwards. It really will be a “whole new Monday” for me tomorrow. Thanks again, Nancy. Erin Howe

  6. Nancy, thank you for the weekend. I will be using my prep time today to explore Google Earth. Our fifth graders have just finished their unit on the United States. I can’t wait for them to fly to some of the places they have learned about. They can even design their own trips! Special thanks to Melissa for her great ideas!

  7. Nancy,

    Thank you and the committee for all of the hard work you did for this weekend. This was our first opportunity to attend this conference. The teachers that I serve are raving about all of the many new things they saw, and ideas they experienced. I can assure our Home and School the scholarships they provided were well worth it!
    Thank you again, Mike Patterson

  8. I’m still so excited about what we learned this weekend! I created a blog for my students to discuss what we’re doing in our science classes, and I’ve already had students commenting about a recent lab. They are coming up with hypotheses, asking questions and really THINKING about what we’re doing. YES!

    I have grand plans including a wiki for an upcoming group project, possible podcasting of homework assignments or class discussions and so much more.

    Thank you for the wonderful experience this weekend.

    Jill Wentzel

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