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The Language of Leadership

Can You Hear Me?
Can You Hear Me?

How do leaders inspire with the words they speak? How do 21st century educational leaders inspire change within school communities.

It is essential  that leaders use language that clearly articulates a powerful vision. In this article, Marlene Caroselli on the Creativity at Work blog gives examples of good ‘Leadership Language’.  Her example of Mother Teresa’s ‘We can do no great things. Only small things with great love’, is just one example that many of us are familiar with. In this example the leader (Mother Teresa) communicates a vision and a path for others at the same time.

Caroselli gives tips for recognizing and creating leadership language. They are as follows:

  1. Use and Create Metaphors
  2. Make Communications Memorable
  3. Build a Phrase that encourages others to ‘Try’
  4. Think of the Verbal Consumer – the person hearing it and how the message will be received

I recently listened to this video. In it, the language of leadership  is clear. We hear school leaders talking about the ongoing need for change and growth in 21st Century Classrooms. When we look at the NETS-A standards, at the top of the list is Visionary Leadership. The vision of educational leaders impacts their organization critically. Teacher education and professional development initiatives will blossom when there is visionary leadership.

I enjoyed listening to this video. Technology is rapidly transforming our world and our lives.  It impacts much of what we do. It should be impacting what we do in our classrooms day to day. Leaders play an essential role in communicating this need for change and in inspiring change in their schools and organizations. The language of leaders speaks to us loudly and clearly. Do you hear  examples such as these is your school or organization? What language do you hear from leaders which makes you know that your listening to a visionary leader?

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