21st Century Reflecting and the 4C’s

Eighty of our educational administrators attended a 3 day summer conference based on building Catholic schools in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia for the 21st Century. This was held from July 7th to July 9th, 2010. Resources and highlights are shared below.

On day 1, Sr. Pat McCormack, IHM talked to us about STEWARDship.

On days 2 and 3 Ken Kay from the Partnership for 21st Century Schools was a speaker. P21 has been a leader of policy change for 10 years and has worked with districts across the country as they strive to provide a relevant 21st Century education which focuses on the skills students need in our rapidly changing world.

The 4Cs

Kay cited an recent survey done by P21 with the American Management Association. This study points to the 4 C’s. These are four skills noted as critical for success in today’s world. The more we can encourage these skills in our students, the better we are preparing them for college and the work world.

  • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
  • Communication
  • Collaboration
  • Creativity and Innovation

These are time honored skills of course today’s world makes them more important than ever.  The ability to change and adapt are key.

Kay notes, “The skills needed for being a good 21st Century citizen and those needed for being a top notch employee are absolutely identical. The 4 Cs are a student’s ticket up the economic ladder of the 21st Century.”

Materials for reflecting on the use of the 4C’s in our schools were shared and distributed to all schools.

Quotable Quotes

“Anytime that people tell you that technology is the goal it is not… it is the means for bringing a 21st Century education to our students.” Ken Kay

Technical Information is doubling every 24 months. By 2020, the amount of technical info in the world will double every 27 hours. Ken Kay

Technology’s Role

You can not have the 4C’s without Technology.  Framing the 4 C’s as the outcomes that students need to have makes a stronger case. You can not do these things so well without technology.

Suggestions for all schools

  • Curriculum and Instruction is critically impacted. Project based learning is one critical strategy.
  • Have a new tech school come to present. Take a school or a group of teachers and have them master PBL so that knowledge and practice is shared.
  • Model professional development around this. Find measurable changes and be able to enumerate them.

Collective action around the 4Cs

  • PD
  • Capstone
  • Find a way to get students into context instead of into only content.
  • Visionary Leadership
  • Field Trips (See schools that are visionary)
  • Resources from Partnership of 21st Century Skills

Curriculum Maps

Videos from http://www.weareteachers.com/web/cybersummit/classroom

MILE Guide, Route 21, Connect via Twitter

Big Ideas fo Whole system Reform (Michael Fullen)

  • All Children Can Learn
  • A Small Number of Key Priorities
  • Resolute Leadership
  • Collective Capacity
  • Strategies with Precision
  • Intelligent Accountability
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