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Teacher Reflection on the One to One Shift

In visiting classrooms, I love to hear teachers and students reflect on the difference that learning with technology and harnessing the power of the web infused learning can make. Of course, technology just for technology’s sake is not what makes a difference. It is how it is used. When students use technology to collaborate, communicate, think critically, to create they are harnessing so that it makes a difference in their education.
The NETS -A standards for administrators inspire us to create a digital age learning culture. By listening to educators as they reflect on the changes we give others a view into what 21st Century learning can be about.
NETS T standards ask that we foster the use of Digital age learning and assessments.
This example highlights both of these standards. Hear how this teacher, a member of our PLP (Powerful Learning Practice) Cohort discusses the shift in her classroom. Stephanie Smith from Cardinal O’hara High School has a set of Acer netbooks in her classroom this year which are used by students in all of her classes. Students are using Google documents to collaborate, accessing online tutorials, and math and research sites online. Hear her discuss how the shift to a one to one laptop environment has made a difference to her as a teacher and to her students.

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