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Catholic Schools Week 2011

Catholic Schools Week in 2011 starts on January 31st. It is a time for celebrating the many wonderful facets of our Catholic Schools. At Catholic Schools everywhere, our schools are full of celebrations of faith, school community and service.

A+ For America
A+ For America

The Theme for Catholic Schools Week is A+ For America is outlined be NCEA.

This focuses on quality of Catholic schools and Catholic School Students provide to the School and Community.

  • High Academic Standards, Graduation Rates
  • Contribution to Society
  • High Level of Service
  • Helping Others as a Focus
  • Serving in and Giving back to the Community as Citizens

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools Catholic Schools Week 2011

Archdiocese of Philadelphia Schools have a week of celebration ahead. Visit our OCE website for full details.  The kick off event is the Distinguished Graduates event. The event honors the very special contributions of specific graduates. One of the honorees was the alumni team of St. Thomas More high school. Though the school closed in 1975, this special group has stayed together and gives back to Catholic Education raising up to $500,000  for student tuition over the years. Their foundation in faith and service is evident in the work they do. At the event, the group gathered for a photo and to sing their school song part of which is captured below.

“This year’s theme for Catholic Schools Week acknowledges that Catholic Education has been a driving force in our communities across America and an asset in serving our fellow neighbors,” said Most Reverend Michael J. Fitzgerald, who oversees Catholic education on behalf of Cardinal Rigali. “During the week, thousands of students across the Archdiocese will bring the theme of ‘A+ for America’ to life by participating in service projects that demonstrate the intangible value of Catholic education and the full academic and spiritual development that it provides our youth.”

On Monday, January 31 at 1 p.m., Most Reverend Michael J. Fitzgerald, Auxiliary Bishop of Philadelphia, and Superintendent of Schools Mary Rochford will join members of the Office of Catholic Education staff in a special Catholic Schools Week Kick-Off Event using Skype. Elementary students and secondary students from all over the Archdiocese will Skype into Archdiocesan headquarters at 222 North 17th Street and visually demonstrate how they are celebrating Catholic Schools Week at their school.

Catholic School’s Week Resources for Schools

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