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Digital Citizenship – To Empower

This video is from the Family Online Safety Institute and it emphasizes one of the very important reasons that we should teach Digital Citizenship. Digital Citizenship and responsible use of technology education should be a part of our work in education each day.

Five Reasons to Teach Digital Citizenship

  1. It helps to keep children safe. Keeping children and youth safe and secure  is a top priority whether online or not online.
  2. It fosters important and time honored ethical tenants and values such as Respect, Kindness, Compassion.
  3. It allows children and youth to take their place as contributors to the 21st century world community.
  4. It empowers our youth to learn with and to take advantage of the wealth of powerful resources online.
  5. It develops critical skills that will become increasingly important in an ever changing, technology rich world.

Why do you think that Digital Citizenship education is important? What reasons would you add?

Digital Citizenship Resources

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