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Web and Social Media Analytics

Keeping track of web and social media analytics is a great way to find out what resonates most with your community and audience. There are many social media tools available today. What all tools have in common is that each has a way to measure clicks, views and reach. Some tools will also track multiple tools and aggregate information for you. While your communications efforts are likely directed in sharing the good news of your school, be sure to take time to see which posts connect most with your school community.

Reasons to Track Web and Social Media Reach

  1. Find out what resonates most with your readers/followers  – What do people like most? What content do they read most? Share most?
  2. Evaluate process currently being used – What is working? What is not?
  3. Use results to Inform upcoming strategy and update communications plans – What needs to be added to your current processes? What can you take away?
  4. Report out to organization/school/business – Is there a benefit to your current process? Are your current digital efforts benefiting the organization?
  5. Communicate with the public – People are often drawn to statistics. What about this information you gather will be valuable to the public?
  6. It is easy – How is this best done? There are many great tools to assist in the process.
  7. Continue sharing great information! – How can you continue to provide important information that is valuable to others?

The above reasons for tracking web and social media analytics are shared in the hopes of supporting schools and organizations with their online engagement and educational initiatives. Be sure to reach out of you have any questions or requests. In future posts, we will look at specific tools for generating statistics and infographics.

Free Audit Tool

Request a free sample Instagram audit worksheet. Email us today

Services Offering

E2Today: Educate and Engage offers technology and social media support services to dioceses, schools and educators as well as two new services: Social (Media) Studies and Faithful Follows.  These specific services have various packages that can help schools to audit their current social media and web presence while also identifying opportunities to strengthen online engagement.  Social (Media) Studies is the core program with Faithful Follows serving as a supplemental program to address the unique needs of Catholic and other faith-based schools.  There are also added resources related to Digital Citizenship, which continues to be such an important topic for educators and students. To request more information or to enroll in these plans, email us today



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