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Introducing the 2019 Summer Series – Digital Citizen Toolkit

Though the school year has and summer break has begun, education for K-12 digital citizens doesn't have to take a vacation. With a wide array of online tools available on the topic, students and families can continue to improve as digital citizens even while enjoying summer vacation. Educators too can use this time to explore… Continue reading Introducing the 2019 Summer Series – Digital Citizen Toolkit

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STREAM and Social Media – A Perfect Blend

Today's digital tools provide excellent means for sharing powerful student work. Created with digital tools, student work is augmented through communication and collaboration with others in digital spaces. One only has to view a school's website or social media account to see evidence of technology's impact in the classroom and a school's ability to share… Continue reading STREAM and Social Media – A Perfect Blend

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E2 Educate and Engage

Technology and social media have fundamentally transformed the learning experiences of the 21st century student.  The advent of the Internet has led to smartphones, social media, email and texting as the go-to mediums for interpersonal and organizational communication.  And while digital citizenship and best practices are still being refined – and even defined – these… Continue reading E2 Educate and Engage

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Web and Social Media Analytics

Keeping track of web and social media analytics is a great way to find out what resonates most with your community and audience. There are many social media tools available today. What all tools have in common is that each has a way to measure clicks, views and reach. Some tools will also track multiple tools… Continue reading Web and Social Media Analytics