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TPACK – Instructional Design

As technology capabilities grow daily in leaps and bounds, it can be an interesting and creative challenge to create learning opportunities suited to today’s learner and our these new capabilities. One method of incorporating technology into classroom learning is to apply the TPACK model. First introduced in 2007 by Punya Mishra, it blends the use… Continue reading TPACK – Instructional Design

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Digital Citizenship – To Empower

This video is from the Family Online Safety Institute and it emphasizes one of the very important reasons that we should teach Digital Citizenship. Digital Citizenship and responsible use of technology education should be a part of our work in education each day. Five Reasons to Teach Digital Citizenship It helps to keep children safe.… Continue reading Digital Citizenship – To Empower

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Getting Started with Digital Citizenship

  Since the beginning of time, rules and guidelines for behavior in society have been in place. These aim to provide order, peace, and respect for one another and for the common good. When each person is a 'good citizen' everyone benefits. The internet and easy access to the web has made this all-important task.… Continue reading Getting Started with Digital Citizenship

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Social Media School Audits

How is your school using social media? Is it essential to parent communications, a part of student classroom activities, a tool for development and recruitment? With over 88% of school leaders reporting increased use of social media for parent communications in the 2018 Speak Up Survey, it is taking a solid hold in the day to day lives of… Continue reading Social Media School Audits

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Social Media

Following the Growth of Social Media in Catholic Schools

Social Media in Catholic Schools Nancy Caramanico Since the beginning of time, communicating and interacting have been important parts of human nature. Never before in history, however, have we been able to reach out to so many as quickly as we now can through social media. In a matter of seconds, we can share updates… Continue reading Following the Growth of Social Media in Catholic Schools