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10 Ways to Strengthen Skills of Young Digital Citizens this Summer

The average summer break for students and educators stretches (often gloriously) for 8 to 12 weeks.  While summer provides an important time to recharge students’ and teachers’ batteries, it doesn’t mean that ongoing learning should stop. In fact, for many, the more leisurely pace of summer lends itself well to meaningful learning. While summer camps… Continue reading 10 Ways to Strengthen Skills of Young Digital Citizens this Summer

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Introducing the 2019 Summer Series – Digital Citizen Toolkit

Though the school year has and summer break has begun, education for K-12 digital citizens doesn't have to take a vacation. With a wide array of online tools available on the topic, students and families can continue to improve as digital citizens even while enjoying summer vacation. Educators too can use this time to explore… Continue reading Introducing the 2019 Summer Series – Digital Citizen Toolkit

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Digital Citizenship – To Empower

This video is from the Family Online Safety Institute and it emphasizes one of the very important reasons that we should teach Digital Citizenship. Digital Citizenship and responsible use of technology education should be a part of our work in education each day. Five Reasons to Teach Digital Citizenship It helps to keep children safe.… Continue reading Digital Citizenship – To Empower

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Getting Started with Digital Citizenship

  Since the beginning of time, rules and guidelines for behavior in society have been in place. These aim to provide order, peace, and respect for one another and for the common good. When each person is a 'good citizen' everyone benefits. The internet and easy access to the web has made this all-important task.… Continue reading Getting Started with Digital Citizenship

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Digital Citizenship Lessons

One topic that continues to be of interest and importance for schools and families is Digital Citizenship. How can we interact safely and appropriately online? The topic of citizenship comes in to play in a very big way. Are we being considerate of others in our words, deeds and actions? Looking out for others both… Continue reading Digital Citizenship Lessons