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Web Tools for Learning

Web Tools ShowcaseView more presentations from ncaramanico. I enjoyed working with teachers this week in West Chester discussing learning in the 21st Century, NETS Standards and sharing the Tpack Model and some online tools to enhance lessons in their classrooms. These teachers are in classrooms where students have access to one to one netbooks daily… Continue reading Web Tools for Learning

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Planning for One to One Laptops and BYOD

If you were taking a long awaited trip, how far in advance would you begin planning? A year, three months, one month? You'd surely want to make sure that is enjoyable, worthwhile and that your trip is just what you had envisioned. You would plan well in advance. What if you are implementing new technologies… Continue reading Planning for One to One Laptops and BYOD

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Students Own Learning One by One

Welcome Back to our Virtual Academy! What a way to kick of our 2011 Virtual Academy sessions! We recently held the first of our 2011 Virtual Academy sessions. These are online professional development sessions for our educators across the Archdiocese of Philadelphia. 20 Years of One to One Laptop Experience - Gary Stager Sharing Gary… Continue reading Students Own Learning One by One