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Web and Social Media Analytics

Keeping track of web and social media analytics is a great way to find out what resonates most with your community and audience. There are many social media tools available today. What all tools have in common is that each has a way to measure clicks, views and reach. Some tools will also track multiple tools… Continue reading Web and Social Media Analytics

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Getting Started with Digital Citizenship

  Since the beginning of time, rules and guidelines for behavior in society have been in place. These aim to provide order, peace, and respect for one another and for the common good. When each person is a 'good citizen' everyone benefits. The internet and easy access to the web has made this all-important task.… Continue reading Getting Started with Digital Citizenship

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5 Classrooms Hearing News on the New Pope

              As news unfolded recently about the newly elected pope, people around the world were in close touch with the news. Whether via tweets, television, live stream, text or other means, the word traveled fast! This Washington Post article discusses some means of media access and how it has… Continue reading 5 Classrooms Hearing News on the New Pope

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Skype – No School is an Island

The power of today’s technology is not only in technological capability alone. The difference of technology is in the people connections and empowerment through that technology. In this post, I will detail some educator and student perspectives on connecting with classrooms via skype. Interestingly, one of the classes profiled here is located in an area… Continue reading Skype – No School is an Island