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Tech Camp – Lighting a Fire

Perhaps no summer camp is complete without a camp fire.  A camp fire provides light, reflection and often inspiration.

Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.   William Butler Yeats

We recently gathered 40 of our Catholic Schools principals for a Tech Summer Camp for School Administrators. Held at Bonner Prendergast High School, it included 3 days of learning, reflection and interaction. Though our summer camp didn’t have a real camp fire, our educators were greatly inspired by all that was shared with them and among them and Yeats would have been proud.

Scott McLeod led the 3 days.  Excellent resources on school leadership for effective use of technology were presented and discussed. Scott’s work with CASTLE supports school leaders as they make the important shifts necessary to embedding effective technologies into schools. Assessment tools, relevant research and implementation examples were just a few highlights of our 3 days.

Additionally, our Administrators learned how to use 3 tools that were new to many

  1. Google Reader
  2. Posterous
  3. Google Docs

See our Tech Summer Camp page for these resources and more

  • Classroom Technology Assessments
  • Administrator Self Assessment Tools
  • Shock and Awe Exercise
  • Gaming Environment
  • Reading and Viewing lists

If you have not seen Scott’s Flickr collection Great Quotes About Learning and Change. Great collection!

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