How Do You Read?

Do you like to curl up with a good book?  Do you like to leaf through a magazine?  Perhaps you are more likely to read online or from a portable device. We are read in different ways.  Reflecting on this as we turn the pages, we learn a lot about ourselves and what types of classroom environments we can provide.

4129932796_df8cb1a17d_mShifting Patterns

In this article by Lynn Neary, we hear about the shifting in reading patterns from paper to online and the resulting effect on writers.

If you are doing more electronic reading as many of us are, you are part of a sweeping trend . These changes impact us and increasingly, our students. In higher education there important trends in elearning and ereading that predict a reading revolution that will also upend the textbook industry.

How do you read?  Have your reading practices changed? What is different?  Take the poll or reflect below.

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6 thoughts on “How Do You Read?”

  1. You would have to post the poll in a newspaper or magazine to get any responses to the 5th category (all traditional). Right?

  2. I had anywhere from 5 to 8 print magazine subscriptions and subscribed to 2 print newspapers in recent years. Now I have let every print subscription lapse except for the weekend newspaper. The weekend newspaper feels luxurious, but for all other needs online magazines, online news, twitter lists, and TV are more immediate and useful.

  3. Good point, Larry. The sample in this case would likely be more inclined to do reading online or electronically. I too find that it is my preference. We find it in our own practice as educators. Facilitating this for our students also is important.

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