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Students Create Video on 21st Century Learning

The video below was created at Archbishop Ryan High School in Philadelphia. Initiatives there have focused on created 21st Century Learning Environments enriched by technology and new learning strategies.

Administrators report that the key to success has been a combination of factors. Surely, as offered in the Nets -A, the various pieces working together make the right kind of difference.
Principal Helen Chaykowsky says technology integration has occurred ‘teacher to teacher’. Administrative support, funding for new technology and great tech support played starring roles. The tipping point was ‘teacher to teacher’ encouragement and celebrations of success. A thriving professional learning community has evolved. Involved is a very supportive librarian and teachers who are eager to learn. Assistant Principal Jim Meredith, also a PLP member says he encourages innovation at every turn and supports teachers as they incorporate new strategies into the learning process.

A combination of factors were cited. The school is in the third year of belonging to a PLP cohort. They have on site coaching periodically from Catapult and they have made 21st Century change part of their Middle States goals. They also have Webinar Wednesday’s where a group of teachers get together and learn together either by watching ISTE podcasts or by having individual teachers share what they are learning.

  • How did they create these classroom environments? Teacher to Teacher. -Collaboration
  • How will this have a positive impact? Teacher to Student. -Engaged learning
  • Why is this important? Students to the World! -Relevant 21st Century classroom environments, with students ready for meaningful participation in college, work, the world.

Related Resources: The above video was created in the style of Michael Wesch’sA Vision of Students Today

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  1. I really like this ides. It is simple but works. The vidoe it is based on is one the students can view before they start their project. Students could also search out another idea beofre bring their ‘vision’ to the screen, a great way to incorporate some research.

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