Digital Citizenship Toolkit

Digital Citizenship Resources for Schools, Families and Organizations


These sites have resources for teaching Digital Citizenship in the classroom

Google – Be Internet Awesome

Common Sense Media

NetsmartzSafety Pledges Lesson Materials and Videos
Be Cyber Wise
Yahoo Safely
Cable in the Classroom
FOSI Family Online Safety Institute
ISTE Standards –
Online Safety for Kids @symballo by Sylvia Buller 


These blogs address topics related to Digital Citizenship
Anne Collier – Net Family News
Danah Boyd
Innovative Educator Blog


Using the above links, select resource(s) for use with teachers or students. Discuss the following:
1. Why did you select this resource? What appeals most to you about it.
2. How can it be used in your school(s)?
3. What 3 steps would you need to take to use this resource?
4. How will you measure or evaluate the benefit?

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