Digital Citizenship Toolkit

Digital Citizenship Resources for Schools, Families and Organizations

In a world where social media and technology are omnipresent, having a toolkit of resources for teaching digital citizenship has never been more important.  Students need direction and guidance on how to best use these tools not only in their academic lives but also, in their personal lives.  E2 Today offers a variety of webinars and in-person presentations for educators that focuses on how to teach students to use technology and social media for good.  The goal is to provide educators with the necessary tools and language to help students thrive in a dynamic and changing technological environment.  Understanding the short-term and long-term implications of social media and technology on students’ lives is at the heart of these lessons.  Additionally, E2 Today recommends these web sites, which offer supplemental resources for teaching Digital Citizenship in the classroom:


These sites have resources for teaching Digital Citizenship in the classroom

Google – Be Internet Awesome 

Common Sense Media 

Netsmartz Educators

ISTE Standards – International Society for Technology in Education

SOS – FBI.Gov 

Activity for Educators, Families 

Using the above links, select resource(s) for use with teachers, families or students. Then, discuss the following:

  1. Why did you select this resource? What appeals most to you about it?
  2. How can it be used in your school(s) or in your home?
  3. What 3 steps would you need to take to use this resource?
  4. How will you measure or evaluate the benefit?

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