E2 Faithful Follows

As a supplement to Social (Media) Studies, Faithful Follows is designed for Catholic and faith-based schools.  Each of the Social (Media) Studies offerings can be customized to address the unique challenges of implementing social media and technology within a values-driven context.  Faithful Follows delves into digital citizenship more intensely and creates opportunities for educators to weave religious and faith-based lessons into the day-to-day technology and social media use of a school.  Further, given the competitive landscape in which most Catholic and faith-based schools operate, Faithful Follows also addresses how schools can leverage Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to drive recruitment and development as competition intensifies. 

If you are interested in Faithful Follows as a supplement to Social (Media) Studies, please email nancy@e2today.com

Catholic School Social Media Calendar

A day by day guide for online engagement can foster powerful communications in your school community.
A full-year Social Media Calendar will be provided, which is customized especially for Catholic Schools. This calendar will include holidays, holy days and special dates for Catholic Schools as well as idea starters for how to create unique content that enhance these calendar opportunities. This calendar should serve as a guide for social media content calendaring throughout the year.

E-mail Newsletter Subscription: Social Media & Digital Citizenship

Do you wish to have leadership insights ready for quick access and implementation? This free bi-weekly newsletter distribution will provide up-to-date news and information about social media, online communications tools, and digital citizenship resources for schools.  This information will be specially created and curated for elementary and secondary schools within the Catholic space.

Access to Private Facebook Group

The power of online exclusive communities is to provide real-time information, guidance and collaboration.
Access to a private Facebook Group for schools participating in this social media program will be made available for up to five (5) members of school leadership and/or staff.  The focus of this group will be to curate conversation among school leaders on issues related to social media engagement and promoting safe student use of today’s digital technology and social media.

E2 Faithful Follows Brochure

If you are interested in purchasing this program including Faithful Follows as a supplement to the E2 Today offerings, please email nancy@e2today.com. Each of the programs below covers 6 months of service from the purchase date.