Social (Media) Studies

The goal of every teacher is to educate and engage their students in the most current ways possible.  Social (Media) Studies, a premier program of E2 Today, provides elementary and secondary schools with an organized program and approach to do just that.  Created to help assess and implement social media and classroom technology for the benefit of students and school communities, Social (Media) Studies offers three different frameworks from which schools can choose.  Whichever option is selected, each provides critical professional development for school leaders and teachers as well as the necessary tools for schools to sustain this work after a Social (Media) Studies engagement concludes.

Social Media Audit

Do you wish to use social media to its full potential to benefit your students and your school?
A comprehensive review of the current school social media profiles will be undertaken examining post frequency, tone, tenor, use of video/imagery, community engagement, etc.  This review will also look at how social media integrates into the school’s web and online communications.  This audit will engage school leadership in understanding how the school currently uses social media, how it aims to use it and what resources are available to achieve these goals.  Recommendations from this audit will focus on establishing best practice, enhancing/leveraging current social profiles, identifying new channels and/or uses, expanding social reach to students, families and community.

Customized Social Media Strategy

Would you like to have a social media communications plan created exclusively for your school?
Based on the results of the Social Media Audit, including discussions with key school leadership, a customized strategy document will be produced.  This strategy document will serve as a blueprint for schools to implement a flexible social media program that meets its unique needs and elevates its overall school communications and community engagement.

Setup/Cleanup: Social Media Accounts

Would you like to refresh your social media profiles to best reach your school community?
Social media accounts for the school will be either be established or updated as needed.  This includes consistency of the social media handles/account names, appropriate descriptions of the school itself across all handles and use of consistent icons, logos and header imagery.

Social Media Reporting

Do you wish to have real-time data measuring your reach in the community?
The school will receive monthly reports via email detailing analytics and insights across the four (4) major social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. These reports will include charts and graphs highlighting trends that can help to inform strategy/messaging as well as increases in social media reach and specific areas for growth.

Social Media Guidebook

Do you wish to have an informative and easy to follow guide to social media success and online communications strategies?
A full guidebook will be provided to school leadership highlighting best practices, important guidelines and additional recommendations for integrating social channels with web and online communications. There will also be lessons focused on how to better share your school’s individual story to enhance recruitment and marketing efforts.  Up-to-date tips based on new social media trends and capabilities will also be included as will directions as to how to better leverage apps and tools to more quickly and easily share school news via social media channels and web/online communications.

Social Media Sample Content (FB, Twitter, Instagram)

Would you like to see examples of how schools are using social media effectively?
Based upon the Social Media Audit and Customized Social Media Strategy, three (3) specific sample posts will be created across the four (4) major social channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.  These sample posts will show how to best/appropriately use hashtags, photos, video and more.  These sample posts can serve as a guideline – and inspiration – for your school’s content calendaring throughout the year.

Digital Citizenship and Social Media Training Professional Development Sessions – In Person

Research on the latest trends fuels effective uses of today’s online communications and technology.  In-person training will be provided for key school leaders and staff on social media use for the school community, including how-to guides and recommended best practices. Attendees will review multiple social media resources available for use as well as how to better leverage online apps and tools to enhance school-wide engagement and use. Resources and tools for promoting Digital Citizenship within your school community will also be highlighted.

Social Media Coaching and Support – Virtual Conference Call

Being able to reach out and get answers you need is essential. Social media coaching will be provided either one-on-one or in groups of no more than 5 via Zoom Conference.  These one-hour sessions will provide individual support for learning/using specific tools, resources and apps including the four major channels, Canva, Hootsuite and more!

Customized Social Media Posts (FB, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn)

Do you wish to have engaging online posts created uniquely for your school? Within this 6 month program, a school can engage to have its social media content created for it across its four (4) major channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

E2 Social (Media) Studies Brochure